Pool School

Liberty Pool Service in McKinney is proud to offer our low cost TOTAL FREEDOM package.

Whether you are a seasoned pool owner with limited knowledge of your pool, or a new pool owner who only knows there is a hole in the back yard with water in it, Pool School is for you. We will come to your home and educate you on all aspects of your pool including; motors, pumps, timers, valves, filters, skimmers, drains, salt-water generators, chlorinators, cleaners, and much more.

You will learn the 3 main essentials of crystal clear water:

Water Chemistry – We will teach you how to test your water, how to add chemicals, and the importance of keeping your water balanced.

Circulation – We will teach you the importance of your pump and explain   how the different valve settings affect the quality of your pool.  You will also learn how long you should be running your pump.

Filtration – We will explain what kind of filter you have (DE, Cartridge, or Sand) and how it operates to filter out dirt and debris.  We will explain how to clean your filter and how often you should clean it.

Liberty Pool Service wants to educate you on your pool, so bring your swim suit and your backpack to Pool School.

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